MSC Teacher Cafe
MSC Teacher Cafe

Welcome to MSC Teacher Cafe

A global community of MSC teachers to connect, collaborate and share ideas.

What is MSC Teacher Cafe?

The Teacher Cafe replaces the discussion boards on Power School Learning, providing a dynamic and interactive space for MSC teachers to come together and support one another, wherever you are in the world. Our intention is for MSC teachers to build a supportive, informative and inspiring community that will grow and evolve over time according to the needs and wishes of its members.

This space is primarily a community discussion platform. All official CMSC resources, policies and information for new teachers on how to become a trained MSC teacher are now housed on the Teacher Dashboard on the CMSC website (as of Feb 14 2020). If you don't yet have access to the Teacher Dashboard, you should expect to receive an email with sign-up instructions by the end of February.

Thank you for your patience as we gradually roll out these two new and exciting platforms across the ever-evolving, expanding MSC community!